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This community's not dead, dammit! [Apr. 29th, 2005|06:39 pm]
Order of the Tulip


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[music |Ware Wa Collector- Revelation: Rugia]

So to prove my point, I'm posting some ficcy. Enjoy!


"Hey, Nick, see that blonde chick? Isn't she the new girl?"
As the new recruit walked down the halls to the lounge, she tried to ignore the chatter around her.
"Think so."
She couldn't believe what she was hearing. Don't these guys have anything better to do with their time?
"Gal's pretty hot. Think I've got a chance with her?"
The girl had been a Rocket for a week now. She expected to get this crap the first few days, but figured it would let up by now.
"Don't see why not, man. Why don't ya ask her?
Puh-leeze. Like a loser like you has any likelihood with me. She really could not believe these idiots.
"Dude, I dunno, isn't she like, a ninja or something?"
A ninja? She flicked her bangs out of her face. What were these dorks thinking?
"Just do it. Nothing can happen until you try, right?"
"I suppose you're right. Wish me luck."
"No prob, Jake."
Jake closed his eyes as he approached his love interest. He knew how to mack on ladies. At least that was the popular consensus among his unit.
He laid a hand on the girl's shoulder.
"Hey hon, how about I take you out for pizza tonight?"
Without missing a beat or turning around, she reached for his arm. Before Jake knew what hit him, he was on the floor.
"You two don't look too bright," she said to a startled Jake and his equally shocked companion, "so I'll put this to you two in the simplest way possible."
She shot them a smile, as Jake started getting to his feet.
"First rule of hitting on the new girl is, don't hit on the new girl."
She smirked, as the two stood there, trying to act innocent.
"Got that? Or do I have to go any deeper?"
They nodded, hoping inside that she wouldn't hurt them any further.
"Good." She shot one final, threatening glance their way.
"And just so you know, my name's not Hon, it's Domino."
With that, she continued on.