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Chapter two! - Order of the Tulip [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Order of the Tulip

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Chapter two! [Feb. 15th, 2005|03:52 pm]
Order of the Tulip


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A Youthful Indiscretion Chapter 2 
 “Her pulse seems to be steadily returning to normal rate” said a calm voice. It had a strange tone of concern in it.  “I don’t care a thing about the girl’s pulse, just tell me, will she get better?” yelled a voice from across the room. Domino half opened her eyes, confused.
 Am I in heaven… or somewhere else?
“She lost a great deal of blood…. It may be a while before she fully regains her strength. Honestly, it’s a miracle she’s alive. A few more seconds, and there would be a tragedy.”
 IV’s... There are IV’s in my arms… it smells like alcohol.
 “There are no miracles, just blind luck. I assure you, Doctor, if there were miracles, things would be far different.”
 Dr. Proctor smiled with accomplishment.
“Oh, I wouldn’t be so sure, Gio. After all, you hired me, didn’t you?”
  Domino tuned out.  This conversation made no sense, and she didn’t like the direction it was going.  Obviously she was still alive, but…how?  She had seen the inside of this helicopter once before… it was the med helicopter. She had been in it once before, but that was in her agent days, and was something she’d rather not remember. 
“The only reason I hired you, Proctor, is because you were the only one amoral enough for the job, and I owed you a favor from school…… Come on, stupid girl, will you ever wake up?” 
…. No answer.
 An all too familiar voice awoke Domino. She opened her eyes and looked around, then passed out.
“What happened to her?” Dr. Proctor glanced at some monitors. “TELL ME, YOU IDIOT!”
Why won’t he answer my questions? I think that’s reasonable enough…
“Honestly, Giovanni, you must be patient with her. I’d say about a week and Domino should be back to her normal self, out smiting again.” He shot a flirtatious grin at Domino, who was still fast asleep. “Tell her that I send my love.” An awkward silence filled the helicopter.
 “You lecherous quack…. If you ever think I’m going to hit on one of my….best….agents for you… Well, I can only pray that ignorance is truly bliss.”
Giovanni leaned back in his chair and smiled. Smite, he thought to himself. I like the sound of that word.